Urban Communications Group was formed in 1980 as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) media foundation to enable the creation of educational films, video and other media which is in the public interest.


The mission of Urban Communications Group is to help producers create films about subjects that we consider to be important but may not otherwise be told. We know that our financial help brings wider exposure to subjects and ideas we believe to be significant, though not necessarily popular.


Ever since Urban Communications Group was founded, we have supported a large number of films and videos about subjects ranging from the arts, to animal welfare, to health, and other social and community concerns. As a result of our commitment to high standards and artistic quality, we are proud to say that a large number of the productions we have supported have received wide recognition; and have been seen by people worldwide.


On The Front Lines of Alzheimer's
For years, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have devastated the lives of millions of families. In this very personal and critically important documentary, we will meet those on the front lines - neuroscientists, clinicians, and doctors from around the world. We will step into the lives of those who have been diagnosed early to see how they are coping. And we will discover just how complicated and emotionally draining it can be to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. This documentary will offer new ideas about caregiving as well as go to the front lines with those who are dedicating their lives to find a cure.

Our modern military is an all-volunteer force. Today’s enlisted more than likely joined the armed services in search of a stepping-stone on the way to something else, be it college or another career path. As we delve deep into the question of, "why join?", we aim to grasp a better understanding of what it truly takes for the men and women who put on a uniform to make such a life-altering commitment.

For more information on either of these important films,
contact director/producer Keith Famie of Visionalist Entertainment Productions
at famie@famie.com or 248.869.0096 for a full outline for your review.


Another documentary film we recently supported was broadcast on Michigan PBS. "It All Adds Up: Math Corps" is about a summer math camp which was created by two exceptional Wayne State University mathematics professors. The six-week Math Corps is held every summer on the WSU campus in Detroit for inner-city junior high students. The camp is free and provides learning, respect, fun and love and lunch. Through the efforts of our local PBS station, it has been broadcast and re-broadcast on many stations throughout the country. A viewer somewhere was so moved by the film that in 2016, the Math Corps won a national award from the New York Life Foundation and was subsequently awarded a three million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to enable the Math Corps to be replicated in several other cities, including New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

A miracle, perhaps, but that's the power of documentary films.


Young at Heart (1987)
Aging: It's never too late for love.
The story of two widowed artists in their mid-eighties who fell in love on a painting trip to England. Reva is flamboyant; Lou is very conservative. As they share their life stories, audiences may shed a tear. But there is much more laughter as we discover that who they are is how they paint.
Academy Award: 1987 Best Documentary Short Film.
This film won numerous awards and was invited to be screened at more than 12 international film festivals.

From Animal Showboat to Animal Lifeboat (2004)
Narrated by James Earl Jones
Animal rights: Rethinking the way in which we treat all living things.
Golden Eagle Award C.I.N.E.
Gold Special Jury Award: WorldFest Charleston
EMMY Award

The Journey of the Chandler Pohrt Collection (1992)
About the collecting and the collection of Native American Art in the Detroit Institute of Arts
BRONZE MUSE Award: American Association of Museums
ITVA Golden Cassette Award of Excellence
EMMY Award

Art in the Stations: Detroit People Mover (1989)
The creation and installation of 15 pieces of public art
C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle
Bronze Award Columbus International Film Festival
American Film and Video Festival
EMMY Award

Kidspace (1990)
How Wayne County's two top male executives developed an on-site day care center.
Blue Ribbon: American Film and Video Festival
CINDY Award - Association of Visual Communicators
BRONZE MEDAL: International Film and TV Festival
EMMY Award

The New Normal: After Bone-Marrow Transplant (2001)
Six very different survivors share their personal stories along with information and comments from doctors and caregivers.
EMMY Award

AIDS 101: Tammy Boccomino Talks with Teenagers (1993)
A prime-time television special we co-produced with WXYZ-TV. The program reached over 1,000,000 viewers and was the highest rated program in its time-slot.
Special Excellence Award: National Association of Women in Radio and Television
3 EMMY Awards


Urban Communications Group
26311 Woodward Avenue
Huntington Woods, MI 48070

Principal Officers:

Sue Marx, President
Award-winning Filmmaker

Jack Kaufman, CPA, Treasurer

Sue Smock, Ph.D., Secretary
Retired Dean: College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Studies, WSU

Christopher Cook, Director
Journalist, Author, Film Producer
Part of Pulitzer Prize-winning team